Our Services

Our specialty is designing, engineering and migrating clients to next-generation unified communication applications and hardware.

Heightened demand for new ways to ensure reachability is leading to increased levels of interoperability among and between applications and networks.  Closed systems and proprietary transport methods, driven by dynamic push technologies, are being supplanted by extensible applications and protocols.  Open technologies for real-time communication power a wide range of applications, including presence, instant messaging, multi-party chat, voice/video calls, unified messaging, and collaboration.

Meeting the need for greater interoperability

In today’s changing communications landscape, traditional distributed communication architectures are being supplanted by more efficient centralized platforms.  Cloud computing for unified communications, for instance, includes hosted voice (to leverage shared resources), virtual PBX systems (customer hardware is hosted in the cloud), and distributed phone systems (whereby feature servers exist across the network but can be leveraged anywhere).

Potomac Integration and Consulting is perfectly positioned to take advantage of, and deliver, solutions based on this new model.

Across all levels of Government, agencies are looking for ways to save money, make do with fewer resources, and reduce power consumption.  PIC is a leader in developing, delivering and deploying cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions to Federal, State and Local government.